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Walk N Dogs- dog walking & boarding 




Posted on October 1, 2014 at 3:25 PM

Professional pet sitters always ask clients to contact them when they return from their trip and surprisingly over half do not. Why does your pet sitter ask this?

- What if some thing happened to you and you did not return from your trip? Who would care for your pets?

      That is why we get an emergency contact so we can notify them and determine what to do with your pets

-Your return could be delayed (flight cancelled, etc.) 

      We will continue service until you return

If we don't hear from you we don't know if your plane was cancelled and you had to stay overnight or you had something bad happen to you and you were not coming home. Please don't assume that since you told us before when you are going to return that it is not going to change or something could happen. For the safety and care of your pets let us know of any changes to plans and when you are home safe.

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